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to Susan


Yes it is... 

But to let you know I have two couples that hopefully will be letting  me know soon as to if they want it ..First person to pay gets it..! You should know that this is a copy of a Ralph Lauren Sofa in New York for 13 thousand US , done by my partner Patrick Kennedy ,Its has 8 way tied coil sprung, hard dried klein hardwood, soya base foam, cotton and mohair inners, custom mastered upholstery..This sofa is build to last several lifetimes  The sofas in the store at 40% off is ridiculous, but we don't want to move and store them... you may see photos and measurements on our website under "seating"  and the Sofa is the "Park Avenue" you can even buy it on the site (under "shop" then to "floor models" to make sure you don't miss out.. 


Let me know if you have any other questions...


Satin Elastic with sliders for bra's-15mm