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DYLON Natural Fabric Dye is best suited for natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, viscose, rayon, and ramie. Wool, silk, poly-cotton and poly blends will dye to a lighter shade. When dyeing polyester blends, it is only the natural fibres that absorb the dye, which is why they dye to a lighter shade. There is a rainbow of colours to choose from and an endless number of ways to use them. DYLON Natural Fabric Dye can help you to be more environmentally conscious. Spruce up faded clothes by dyeing them back to their original vibrant colour, update clothing by changing the colour to reflect seasonal trends, give a personal touch to “Vintage” clothing!

Dylon 50g Dye - Orange

  • As we have a permanent store front and stock that is ever changing, if an item you order is out of stock - we will contact you.

    We strive to keep inventory numbers up to date. Thank you for understanding!

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