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The new European regulation goes from the need to homogenize all the regulations that had appeared in recent weeks in several European countries. These rules were sometimes with different criteria, both in the test methods and in the values ​​that were based and added more complexity in the manufacture of Reusable Hygienic Masks, an activity from which we are all learning day by day.

Textil Manly has always acted with exhaustive rigor and sanitary responsibility in the analysis of its tissues for Reusable Hygienic Masks, obtaining its approvals in laboratories with extensive experience and recognition in this field.

Now we already have a common standard and as a result we can already offer our reference fabric TEC7191 at 25/30 washes.

At Textil Manly advocate transparency in all our processes and we have acted in a responsible way, approving TEC7191 fabric first to 5 washes, as the Ministry of Industry expressly requested us in the first phase. Then, we certified to 10 washes, both in our original fabric TEC7191 black and white colors and in the same fabric TEC7191 sublimation stamped printing process that performing a transformation on the fabric required its own certification.

Going forward and as is our tradition, we will remain faithful to our commitment to lead the offer of the best quality, the best service, and the hard conviction that together we will stop the Covid19 pandemic.

Covid fabric for mask lining..

1 Gram
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